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Fiction Archive
Ian Malcolm:  Well shit.
Finally, finally, here is fic for the wonderful gemjam who bid on me for qldfloodauction. Thank you so much for donating to such a good cause, and I'm sorry this took such a long time XD

Title: Earth First
Characters: Ian, Nick, Kelly, mention of Ian/Sarah.
Fandom: Jurassic Park: The Lost World (film)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3696
A/N: It's primarily Ian & Nick friendship, with reference to Ian/Sarah, but possibly pre-slash if you squint. I don't know, at the end of the film I sort of wanted the four of them to live out of a big house and splinter off periodically to go on field trips and whatnot. Anyway.

Earth FirstCollapse )
15th-Nov-2010 12:48 am - drabbley thingys
Johnny Depp: Tom/Doug - love
Here, partially-abandoned fiction journal, have some old and forgotten-until-tonight micro-fics to make me feel less like the procrastinator that I am!

Pairing: Doug Penhall/Tom Hanson
Fandom: 21 Jump Street
Rating: G/K, whatever.

I must write something new at some point soon.Collapse )
8th-Jun-2010 04:08 pm - wooo, things
Top Gear: Umbrella
I should (hopefully) be finished with my last assessment task for the semester as of tomorrow, so I have signed up for hc_bingo, huzzah! Fandom/s pending. I shall think on it tomorrow. But yay, fic!

My card:Collapse )
14th-Apr-2010 10:15 pm - watson/holmes ficlet
Sherlock: Shleepy
As requested (ages ago!) by flouncinggeek. Apologies! Also, I am sleep deprived, so I am afraid this is rather silly lol.

Pairing: Watson/Holmes
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Rating: G
Word Count: 612
Summary: Watson locks Holmes in a cabinet.

London had, at the time, seen unseasonably warm weather, and seemed to be in no hurry to return to its natural, dreary state.Collapse )
16th-Mar-2010 10:58 pm - lotr ficlet
LOTR: hobbits
I miss my hobbits :( And also I'm sleepy. idek.

Title: I'll Keep Your Memory Vague
Character/s: Frodo, (with Pippin, Merry, Sam, Strider.)
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Rating: G
Word Count: 371
Summary: Nothing much. Just a tiny little mid-quest melancholy for your Tuesday.
A/N: Title from the lovely Finger Eleven song.

Frodo is standing atop a small hill, but his eyes are seeing things far awayCollapse )
24th-Feb-2010 08:45 pm - pharry ficlet
KKBB: Harry squee
Title:I'll Be Your Saint, I'll Be Your Man
Pairing: Perry Van Shrike/Harry Lockhart
Fandom: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Word Count: 1283
Rating: PG
Warnings: Schmoop. Swearing. Ghostfacers.
A/N: Uh, kinda/sorta crossover with Supernatural, but only in a very minor sense. This is primarily fluff. I have no regrets.

He finds Harry on the couch, staring wide eyed and slack jawed at the television.Collapse )
19th-Feb-2010 11:58 pm - val/ducky ficlet
RDJ: Honey Bunny & Rubber Ducky
Title: Clues
Pairing: Val Kilmer/Robert Downey Jr
Fandom: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang RPS
Rating: M
Word Count: 806
A/N: idek, idek. Relatively fluffy, and probably an epic waste of my evening lol. Shut up, reading list, no one cares what you think.

In which Val loses something important, but Robert provides the clues. Or something.Collapse )
15th-Feb-2010 07:41 pm - more rescue ranger!j2 insanity
Chip & Dale - rock
Well, in a feeble attempt to clean out my hard drive, I remembered this has been lying around for months and months. idk.

Prompt: Beds.
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Universe: Rescue Rangers!J2. I... feel moderate shame.
Word Count: 983
Rating: PG
A/N: Yes, this indeed a Jared/Jensen spin on Chip'n'Dale Rescue Rangers, and as such, probably evidence supporting the theory that I need to be locked away somewhere.

Jared blames their beds. Beds, plural, because they’re still living out of a rickety set of bunkbeds after all these years.Collapse )
14th-Feb-2010 12:30 am - perry/harry drabble thing
KKBB: amazing harold
I should be asleep.

Title: Interlude
Pairing: Perry Van Shrike/Harry Lockhart
Fandom: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Rating: G
Word Count: 200
Summary: Harry awakens Perry with a burning question.
Warnings: Oh, God, so much ridiculous fluff.

Come on, Perry, that’s what normal couples do.Collapse )
8th-Feb-2010 04:45 pm - tiny perry/harry fic
KKBB: Harry ugh what?
Title: don't you disappear
Pairing: (kinda pre-slash) Perry Van Shrike/Harry Lockhart
Fandom: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Word Count: 831
Rating: PG

Perry is sleep deprived, hungover, and cursing the name of Harry Lockhart when he stumbles out of bed.Collapse )
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